Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools are a great way to turn your backyard into the perfect place to enjoy time with your friends and family. At Pools & Cues & Spas, Too, we offer a variety of above ground pool options to help you save money without sacrificing functionality. We also offer free layaway on all of our products!

Reasons to choose an above ground pool include:

  • Above Ground Pools take up less space than most In-Ground Pools, making them a good option for families who want to conserve yard space.
  • Above Ground Pools can come with many of the same features you will find with In-Ground Pools.
  • Above Ground Pools are easy to install and, if you decide to relocate, are easy to disassemble, as well.

We DO NOT Sub-Contract Our Pool Construction!

Why Buy An Above Ground Pool From Us?

We Carry Only Pools That We Are Confident Will Last!

Whether you choose the traditional strength of our steel pools or our technologically advanced resin construction pools, all of our pools are constructed to give you decades of backyard enjoyment and styled to enhance the beauty of your backyard.

Our pools also include some of the best warranties in the swimming pool industry and a Deluxe Package including Hayward Brand Pumps & Filters. We also assure all of our customers that we stick by the products that we sell! Pools & Cues & Spas, Too has been a Central Massachusetts business since 1993...and year after year, we have continue d to prove we sell only the most superior products, and give our customers the best service.

We Sell You Your Pool!

We Build Your Pool!

We Service Your Pool!

We DO NOT Sub-Contract ! This is very important when purchasing an Above Ground pool. It makes the entire process easier for you, when the company you purchase from is the same company that builds your pool. If you have a question, or a concern, you call us! The company who sold you the pool! You wont get the run-around where the company who sold you the pool tells you to call the independent pool installation company!

And we promise you won't have to chase us around!

"We are a team!"

When it comes to our pool installer teams, each team member takes part in rigorous, yearly, hands-on training from our swimming pool manufacturers, and our installation crew chiefs are always making sure that everyone is "On-The-Ball." Our installers are a great group of people, who you will not only feel comfortable having in your yard, but also enjoy having in your yard.

When it comes to our team of store staff, our salespeople know the pools and the pool accessories in and out! They know the processes of pool permits, yard preparation, and also of the installation itself, making it easy for you to get the pool in your yard.

And then after your pools is built, you'll need to know how to keep your pool clean & clear. We not only train our store staff in-house on water chemistry, our staff also frequently take part in outside water chemistry training courses and seminars from our chemical manufactures!

We are confident that the advice we give you is the right advice for all your swimming pool needs!

Our Most Popular Pool Models

Below, view our most popular Above Ground Pool Models. For more information or to purchase your new pool, contact us! We're here for you!

The Pacific


The Pacific Diamond above ground pool includes engineering features to keep your backyard resort running smoothly and your kids happy. A beautiful diamond design brings an appealing look to this steel pool and with it's strong design, it's able to hold-up to anything Old Man Winter has to offer! It's a great pool at a great price and available in many sizes in Round only.

Click Here to learn more about the Pacific Diamond.

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The Serenity

The Serenity Above Ground Pool from Blue Cascade is the ultimate in size and construction design, with each piece manufactured to exacting standards. This pool will transform your backyard into a family entertainment center while complimenting the beauty of your home. The over sized frame, column uprights, and resin bottom rails adds the durability expected of such an iconic pool. Every Serenity is produced in the United States and features a Vinyl Works deluxe pool liner, also manufactured in the United States.

Click Here to learn more about the Serenity.

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The Harmony

The Harmony aboveground swimming pool from Blue Cascade features the ultimate in strength and beauty. It’s state of the art design makes it the perfect choice for any backyard paradise. Featuring one of the widest, true radius, top ledges available and an astounding 54" depth, this pool is the pillar of strength and beauty. Each piece of the Harmony is precisely crafted and features a patented assembly system. Add one of the industry’s strongest warranties and this pool will endure for a lifetime, guaranteed. Every Harmony is produced in North America and features a Vinyl Works deluxe pool liner, also manufactured in North America.

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Above Ground

Radiant Pools are the most unique swimming pools in the industry today! Radiant pools feature an insulated aluminum wall with foam inserts, assuring strength, durability and energy efficiency. Radiant Pools come in the common round and oval shapes you'll see on most Above Grounds, but due to their durability, they are also able to come in a "Free-form" shape, like pictured here. Radiant Pools come in many sizes and are even able to be installed halfway into the ground to fully in-ground.

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