Zen & Stylish!

This Steel and Resin pool with sleek, modern lines revolutionizes the traditional Above Ground pool industry by pushing audacity and sophistication to their maximum. The growth of the urban movement and the boom of Zen-type houses with a cubic look contribute directly to an increased interest in the traditional revisited. Thanks to its contemporary design, the Inoveau harmonizes perfectly with this style home. We see refinement of shapes from all angles. The pearl color structure adds light and sunshine to the overall effect.

Built To Last!!!

The Inoveau possesses 7" curved posts made of ultra-resistant injected resin. In the same color as the structure, the avant-grade pearl posts are the perfect complement to the frame of this futuristic pool, adding to its ultimate strength.

Extruded or Injected-resin will not rust...EVER. It will not warp, crack, bend to even the heaviest snow loads. It is simply a fashionable pool that will last for decades.

(Descriptions of Numbers on Pictures) 1: 7" extruded-resin coping, 2: Multicolored LED solar lights come standard, 3: Injected resin joint cover, 4: Galvanized steel tongue-and-groove stabilizer tube, 5: 7" injected-resin posts, 6: Fashionable and colored fixed ends (showing 7 colors), 7: Galvanized steel wall in 52", 8: 1 1/4" bottom rail in galvanized steel with Secure-Lock TM System.

Strength & Beauty

All In One Swimming Pool

The Wall

Like its structure, the printed design on the steel wall of the Inoveau is ultra-modern. The nature pattern evokes the profile of grasses swaying in the sea breeze. The dark and anthracite dominates this urban-chic design. The darker color of the design will also add a few degrees to the natural temperature of the water as well. Under the impact of the sun's rays, the dark wall absorbs the light, which is transformed into heat. Thus, the wall is itself thermo conductive and self-heating.

Solar LED Lights Included!!!

We include LED Lights that turn on when the sun goes down! Choose between 7 different colors. It's beautiful when you see this pool at night!!! They're FULLY water & weather proof and a high-grade LED.

The Sizes

Available in Round and Oval Shapes.

Available in Many Different Sizes. Contact us for more on size information.

Available in 52" Height Wall Only

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