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Hanging a Bristle Steel-Tip Dartboard with a Bracket:

A “real” bristle steel tip dartboard comes with a screw to put in the center of the back of the dartboard. Usually there will be a mark or starter hole as to where to place the screw and should be located directly behind the double bulls-eye. This screw will sit in a special keyhole bracket that you attach to the wall, cabinet or backboard (see picture below.) This system also lets the bristle dartboard to rotate on the single screw while it sits in the bracket, allowing for the rotation of the dartboard and number ring when the board’s 20 gets worn out. See our measuring chart (above) to get your measurements for the board. But a good tip for measuring the height of the board from the floor is to use the keyhole bracket. It’s a much easier way, as the official measurement is from the floor to the double bulls-eye, and that just happens to be where the screw in the back of the board is that clips into the center of the keyhole on the bracket. If you have questions, please call us!

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