Use Your Dimension One Spa Purchase as a Tax Deduction!

A lot of people ask us if a hot tub/spa purchase can be used as a tax deduction, and here’s the answer: If your doctor says a hot tub/spa would help you feel better, you may be able to write it off on your taxes. A doctor’s written recommendation has helped many of our customers turn their Dimension One Spa purchase into a deductible piece of medical equipment, but they had to satisfy a few IRS conditions first. You would have to install your Dimension One Spa expressly to help ease a debilitating condition such as arthritis for yourself or a dependent—what we’re saying is, you would have to convince the IRS that your Dimension One Spa would be used primarily for medical purposes, not for general recreational use, but that doesn’t mean other people who don’t need it for medical purposes can’t use your tub.

One thing we found that can be real helpful to many is that if your Dimension One Spa purchase qualifies as a capital-improvement medical deduction, you may be able to write off not only the initial installation and purchase costs, but you may be able to write off the ongoing maintenance costs as well, year after year. And this all applies equally to renters, as it does to homeowners. Now, please don’t assume that you will be able to write off this deductible in full. The IRS has something like an insurance deductible that requires you to exceed before you can start deducting medical expenses, but you could still save yourself quite a bit of cash!

If you want to learn more about medical-expense tax deductions, call the IRS at 1-800-TAX-FORM and ask for Publication 502. You would also want to contact your tax adviser, and don’t forget to consult your doctor, too!


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