AquaCal Heat Pumps

Models to Fit ANY Pool Size!

The AquaCal heat pump pool heaters are the result of over 35 years of continued innovation in energy efficient technology. They design, test and manufacture the most efficient, economical heat pumps you can buy.



We Make Owning an Energy Effiecient Pool Heater Easy!!!

Own an ABOVE GROUND Heat Pump for as Little as

$10 PER WEEK!!!

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$15 PER WEEK!!!

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Over 100,000 pool owners across America get the most pleasure from their pools by heating with an AquaCal heat pump. No matter where you live, AquaCal delivers more heat starting at lower temperatures, with virtually no harmful emissions and at less operating cost than any other product available to heat your pool. Your AquaCal dealer will help you choose the model that’s a perfect fit for any pool size or situation.

Uses “free heat” from the air to heat your swimming pool

(The only cost is to operate the compressor and fan motor to allow you to take the free heat from the air)


Smart Facts To Consider When Making Your Pool Heating Decision

Sure, we’re proud of all of the technology we’ve incorporated into the AquaCal heaters – real innovations like the use of titanium heat exchangers, for example – but the most important thing to us is that our heaters help families enjoy their pools more year after year.

Buying Guide

  • The cost to heat your pool with an AquaCal pool heater is 80% less than a propane heater and 70% less than a natural gas heater.
  • AquaCal’s unique design allows for smaller breaker sizes this means less money to install.
  • Because of our low temperature operation AquaCal heat pumps input 30-40% more heat than similarly sized competitive heat pumps in the critical first and last 30 days of the swimming season, when you need it most. AquaCal heaters start heating your pool at 40 degrees when most other heat pumps don’t start working until the air temperature reaches 52-60 degrees.
  • The life expectancy of an AquaCal heater is nearly twice that of a fossil fuel heater.
  • While the efficiency of the average fossil fuel heater (natural gas, propane, oil) has remained constant, the AquaCal heater has improved by 27% in efficiency due to component performance improvements and design improvements.
  • The efficiency of fossil fuel heaters decrease over the course of their life expectancy while the efficiency of an AquaCal heater is constant throughout its life. This means that the operating cost of a gas heater grows every year.
  • The typical gas heater emits 15,000 – 20,000 pounds of CO 2 annually. A heat pump pool heater is the environmentally correct pool heating option, reducing your pool heating carbon footprint by nearly 100%.

Design experience. Innovation. Continuous improvement through engineering and R&D. Good old-fashioned pride in our products.

Every AquaCal heat pump pool heater incorporates engineering advancements cultivated over 35 years together with our desire to build a technologically advanced, reliable product that delivers on its promises of value, low operating costs, and superior performance.

Over 100,000 of AquaCal owners agree that a heated pool is a better pool – and that an AquaCal heat pump is a better pool heater. So do many of the finest pool dealers in America.

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