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Building Quality Swimming Pools in All Shapes & Sizes Since 1993!

Pools & Cues & Spas, Too specializes in standard and custom In-Ground vinyl liner swimming pools. We can build the pool of your dreams or something economical and simple! And we’ve been doing it since 1993! We are known by our reputation and our level of passion!

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Today’s world includes almost unlimited choices. It’s the same with a Pools & Cues & Spas, Too In-Ground Pool. We offer a wide selection of options that allow you to customize your pool. Select from more than a dozen pool shapes, including traditional rectangles and ovals as well as the most elegant Mountain Pond and Lagoon shapes. Then choose your pool size, liner design and then the number of pool stairs. We also offer many lighting & water feature options and much more. As you design your Pools & Cues & Spas, Too In-Ground Pool, you’ll be creating the pool that fits your lifestyle and harmonizes with your natural environment.

Why a Pools & Cues & Spas, Too In-Ground Pool?

We Carry Pools We Are Confident Will Last!

All of our In-Ground Pools and its components are constructed to give you decades of backyard enjoyment and styled to enhance the beauty of your backyard. Our In-Ground Pools include one of the best warranties in the swimming pool industry, and we assure all our customers that we stick by the products we sell and build! And Pools & Cues & Spas, Too has been in business long enough to prove this very important statement!

We Build Your Pool!

We DO NOT Sub-Contract! This is very important when purchasing an In-Ground Pool. It makes the entire process easier for you, when the company you purchase from is the same company that builds your pool as well. If you have a question or a concern, you just call us! And you won’t have to chase us around!

Our Sales Staff & Construction Teams Are Thoroughly Trained & Experienced!

“We’re a Team!” When it comes to our pool construction teams, each team member takes part in rigorous, yearly, hands-on-training from our swimming pool manufacturer and foreman, making them more and more knowledgeable and experienced! They also couldn’t be more friendly and courteous! And when it comes to our team of store staff, they know the pools and their accessories in and out! They know the processes of pool permits, yard preparation, and of the build itself, making it easy for you to get the pool in your yard. And then after your pools is built, you’ll need to know how to keep your pool clean & clear and how to operate it. We know our products! And we not only train our store staff in-house on water chemistry, our staff also frequently take part in outside water chemistry training courses and seminars from our chemical manufactures!

We’re confident that the advice we give you is the right advice for all your swimming pool needs!

Click Here to View “The 10 Steps To Getting a New In-Ground Pool In Your Yard!”

Our Most Popular Shapes & Sizes

If you don’t see a pool shape or size that interests you, please let us know. We can customize and build almost any shape or size you’d like. Contact us or stop by for a consultation with one of our sales staff!


Pretend you’re in the Mediterranean. The cloudless blue sky overhead. Inviting water at your side. The stunning shape of the Grecian series will fulfill all your poolside fantasies. Fluid lines beveled corners highlight the Grecian’s contemporary design and suggest a luxurious installation with all the amenities of the good life. Due to its favorable design, Walk-in stair location is easily in triple option for both 6 or 8-foot widths.

Available Options

17ft x 33ft
17ft x 37ft
20ft x 36ft
20ft x 40ft
17ft x 39ft Lazy L – Left or Right
20ft x 44ft Lazy L – Left or Right

2’ Radius Rectangle

The 2ft Radius Corner pool, with its classical lines and elegant rectangular shape, is a tribute to the art of fine living and will invite you to endless hours of free spirited swimming, luxurious sunbathing, and sumptuous entertaining. This pool features 2 ft. Radius corners and is the only pool with our walk-in stairs triple option widths. Traditional 6 or 8-foot wide stairs are available, as well as extra wide 12-foot built-in stairs located at the center position for lounging.

Available Options

12ft x 24ft Diving board not allowed
16ft x 32ft
16ft x 36ft
18ft x 36ft
20ft x 40ft
18ft x 43ft Lazy L – Left or Right
18ft x 24ft x 37ft 90°L – Left or Right
18ft x 26ft x 37ft 90°L – Left or Right
18ft x 28ft x 43ft 90°L – Left or Right

4’ Radius Rectangle

Create your own resort right in your own backyard with a Legacy 4 ft. Radius Rectangle. A masterpiece of contemporary design, this pool has graceful lines that fit into any landscape design. Its distinctive large radius corners give it a flowing elegance that rivals pools found at the finest private resorts. But you can have it right in your own backyard. You may select optional 8-foot wide walk in stairs.

Available Options

16ft x 32ft
18ft x 36ft
20ft x 40ft
18ft x 43ft Lazy L – Left or Right

Roman End

The Roman End is aptly named, for its generous proportions and classical shape, it lends a bit of Italian romance to any property. The Roman End will become a striking focal point in your backyard and its sophisticated design will set the tone for your summer leisure time: an early morning swim perhaps, an afternoon sun, a poolside feast in the evening. Choose one-piece Tread-Loc steps or luxurious Radius 12-foot Built in stairs with an attached sweeping bench.

Available Options

16ft x 35ft
18ft x 39ft
20ft x 41ft
18ft x 44ft Lazy L – Left or Right


With its meandering lines and unusual shape, the Kidney series makes a grand architectural statement. It glimmers with sophistication and is the ideal pool to add an air of elegance to your home. Its aesthetic artistry is backed up by engineering excellence, for its unitized panel construction gives an exact matching radius to each section. Choose between 14-foot wide inside radius stairs or one piece wide 8′ radius Step-N-Rest. All sizes available in Left or Right.

Available Options

15ft x 26ft Diving board not allowed
16ft x 30ft Diving board not allowed
16ft x 33ft
18ft x 36ft
20ft x 38ft

Mountain Lake

Imagine yourself in Switzerland. Or high in the Adirondacks. With the Mountain Lake series you can transcend the limitations of your own terrain and create a lakeside retreat. You can specify the Mountain Lake series in a range of sizes and design its contours to echo the curves of your landscape. With its superb engineering, unparalleled construction, and natural look, the Mountain Lake pool will give you the pleasure of a lifetime. As well as specifying a size, you can specify options like inside radius 12-foot built-in stairs or 8-foot radius one-piece Step-N-Rest. All sizes available Standard or Reverse.

Available Options

21ft x 32ft
21ft x 40ft
23ft x 37ft
23ft x 42ft
26ft x 40ft
24ft x 44ft

Mountain Pond

The appealing design of the Mountain Pond series features the same curvaceous shape as the Mountain Lake except radii on each end of the pool is symmetrical. Each equal end radius increases as the width of the pool becomes larger. The 7′ radius is standard on the smaller size, 8′ radius on the middle size, 9′ radius on the large and 10′ radius for the largest size. For perfect balance to your yard, choose the pleasing graceful look of this series. Its well-proportioned shape will add harmony to your landscape and deck surround.

Available Options

18ft x 30ft Diving boards not allowed
20ft x 34ft
22ft x 36ft
24ft x 40ft


Radius or Rectangle? Now both can be achieved in the same in-ground pool. No longer is there indecision over which shape is best for family activity or backyard size. Round for the shallow end where playing is constant fun and rectangle for the deep end where more serious swimming is essential. It’s a perfect fit for all types. A rare combination of nouveau surround unite with classic lines to form this most unique shape.

Available Options

16ft x 32ft Diving board not allowed
18ft x 36ft Diving board not allowed
20ft x 40ft


With its deeply scalloped bays and coves, the Lagoon in-ground pool design lets you create your own personal Caribbean coastline for an everyday get away. The free-form Lagoon transports you to an exotic tropical vacation right in your own backyard. Formerly a popular custom pool, this now standard shape lets you transform your home into a beautiful waterfront property. You can specify options like inside radius 12-foot built-in stairs or 8-foot radius one-piece Step-N-Rest creating a pool that is uniquely yours. All sizes available in Left or Right.

Available Options

16ft x 34ft x 25ft
18ft x 37ft x 29ft
20ft x 42ft x 31ft


The Oval pool, with its classical shape and elegant appeal, is a tribute to the art of fine living and will invite you to endless hours of free spirited swimming, luxurious sunbathing, and sumptuous entertaining. The oval is a long-time favorite with homeowners. We can customize this pool in any way, including beautiful lighting features to rock waterfalls or misting fountains to a nice spill-over spa. Let us create the pool of your dreams. Contact us at any time!

Available Options

16ft x 32ft
18ft x 36ft
20ft x 40ft

Other Pool Options

There are many options we can add to your pool to make it just the way you and your family want it. Below you can learn about a few of these popular options. We will assist you with anything you need.

Entry Systems

Step Forward With The Best Pool Entry Systems Available

More than an entrance point, the stair system you select is an integral part of the swimming experience: It can be a gathering or lounge spot, a tanning bed, or a practice area for your kids as they develop their swimming skills, just to name a few.

A Pools & Cues & Spas, Too pool has the most aesthetically pleasing steps on the market, with a vast number of options, from wedding cake stair and bench combinations to cuddle coves to sun decks and so much more!

Built-In Steps

Our Built-In Steps bring the interior pool finish onto your steps, giving your pool a uniform aesthetic beauty.

Choose from our many models, from full-end to corner, from straight to radius, from multi-level to combos, or invent the Pools & Cues & Spas, Too Pool Entry System of your dreams, in any shape or in any size. We’re ready for your requests.

Tread-Loc Steps

The Tread-Loc Step is the highest quality pool step available, and offers more interior space for lounging than any other stair system in the industry. Made of the strongest thermoplastic material available, each of our 50 models is designed to have excellent weather-ability and chemical stability, causing it to last and look new for decades.

The Tread-Loc Step also offers more patented, exclusive features than other step on the market. That’s innovation.

Patented TrimLine Collar– blends seamlessly with the coping, creating a clean and consistent line surrounding your pool.

Patented Faceplate System – gives you the most watertight system available, bar none, while protecting the liner from tears or punctures.

Patented Dowel Alignment System – Guarantees correct position of the faceplate with strategic dowel location that offers an exact screw hole fit.

Superior Tread Design –With our state-of-the-art Vacuum Former and the sophisticated nature of our mold designs, each step has the most detailed and distinctive pattern in the industry.

Patented Tread-Loc Support System– utilizes box beam and rigid reinforcement for every tread.

8” ABS Channel Support – We reinforce each tread with a heavy duty box-beam, attached with a permanent high-pressure heat application

Sturdy Rigid Pipe – Our 2” diameter rigid pipe column supports are sturdy and strong.

Column Pipe Snap Ring– These rings hold each rigid pipe firmly in place for ease of installation.

Independent Tread Support – Each one is individually supported, providing stronger reinforcement and less stress on the whole unit.

3 Column Support– Each 8” tread is individually supported by 3 columns for maximum support.

Built-In Hot Tubs

An Added Luxury. The Same Standards of Excellence.

A spa is a healthy and invigorating addition to your Pools & Cues & Spas, Too Pool experience offering you a soothing, relaxing, and therapeutic alternative to swimming.

Our Pools manufacturer is the only pool company that manufactures its own spas. That means the same heritage of innovation, craftsmanship, and pride goes into each and every unit, ensuring that your backyard hydrotherapy experience is every bit as fulfilling as your Pools & Cues & Spas, Too Pool experience.

This spa blends seamlessly into your poolscape, with sturdy steel construction that meets the same high standards as your Legacy Pool.

Whitewave Built-In Spas

Available in Poolside and Spillover designs and in colors of gray, white, or gray granite, Whitewave Spas are constructed of the strongest thermoplastic in the industry.

8 Hydrotherapy Jets, 2 Air Controls, 2 Suctions, 92″ diameter, 33″ depth, 425 gallon average fill, 6-8 person Seating Capacity, Available in White, Gray, or Gray Granite.

Pool Lighting

Light up your swimming experience with our lighting options!

Hayward ColorLogic® 4.0 Pool & Spa Lights

For New Construction ColorLogic 4.0 lighting incorporates innovation and technology as the leading underwater light. It provides brighter, more vivid colors and light shows that are energy efficient, with feature rich options for pools.
  • 50% brighter than ColorLogic 2.5
  • Speed, Motion and Brightness control for light shows
  • Operates stand alone or with Pro Logic
  • 7 light shows and 5 fixed colors along with synchronized lighting
  • 5 fixed colors can be customized to 101 different colors
  • Speed, Motion & Brightness Control of Light shows

Click Here For The Color Logic Brochure

Water Fountain Features

We can design a beautiful array of water fountains or waterfalls to enhance your pool experience. There are many options available.


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