The 10 Steps to Getting a New In-Ground Pool in Your Yard

Below, we detail the steps Step 1:

First, we would like to meet you. There’s a lot to go over before any sale can be made. This is usually the most stressful and confusing time for a pool shopper…but not for our shoppers! We make this part of the process as easy and stress free as we can make it for you! We’ll meet with you and discuss everything and answer all of your questions. We also need to do a site inspection at your home. What we do here is measure your yard and discuss shapes and sizes, available options, licenses and costs. We’ll give you our professional suggestions on where the pool may fit and look best as well. At the end of this step, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting, how much it’ll all cost, and how long it’s all going to take.

Step 2:

Next, we start the construction. First, we measure and mark off where the pool will be. Then the next part, which, if you have children, will most likely be their favorite part of the construction process…we dig a big ugly hole in your yard with our excavator. Luckily for you, in very little time, that ugly hole will be transformed into a beautiful source of relaxation and entertainment for your entire family!

Step 3:

This next part of the construction process is when we frame the wall panels, the support braces, install your steps, and install any upgrades such as “spill-over spas,” “seating stations,” or “lounger stations.” This process is very important to us. We triple check everything. We want everything perfectly level and lined up exactly where it should be. This is when you really start to see your new pool take its shape. And when the walls are up, this is when you’ll really begin to see your yard’s future.

Step 4:

This is when we install all the plumbing and electrical equipment. This includes piping, pump and filter, skimmers, jets, “main drain suctions,” and any special lighting and water features, etc. Some people don’t chose many special features for their pool at the beginning of the process (step 1,) but after seeing the pool walls set up in their yard for the first time, they may start to wonder if they should have put in some nice fiber optic lighting or a waterfall feature. If this is how you’re feeling during this step 4 process, please talk to us about any questions or concerns you have. Even if you don’t want the extra features now, but might want to upgrade in the future, talk to us. We want to hear what you’re thinking, because at this point in the process, it is usually much easier and a lot less expensive to add extra plumbing or electrical conduit for a special feature than to go back and add it later on.

Step 5:

During step 5, after once again triple checking everything, we pour your pool’s concrete bond beam. The bond beam is what gives your pool the majority of its strength. It surrounds the outside of the pool walls and braces and holds everything tight and solid. We then shape the floor of your pool with our own blend of super secret material (vermiculite.) When shaping the floor, we are precisely measuring every angle and radius. This is also a very important step for us, because we have to eventually put your liner in the pool, and we want the liner to fit perfectly…no exceptions. This is where experience is key!

Step 6:

This is the step where we backfill the rest of the outside of the pool with dirt, covering the bond beam, upper parts of the framing and the plumbing. This is also when we level the top of the dirt, creating the base for your patio. This is when your yard starts to look more like a yard again, too, because we also start the process of removing all the leftover dirt piles from the excavation (step 2.)

Step 7:

Now it’s time for the pool’s coping and liner, but before they’re installed, we first adhere a thick foam protectant on the walls of your pool. This foam protects your liner, makes it last longer and insulates the water (once it’s in the pool.) We only use the thickest foam protectant available in the swimming pool industry during this process, because the thicker the foam, the better your liner is protected. And then the coping is installed, and after that, the liner goes in. It snaps securely into a track on the coping, holding it there for decades to come. We then suck out the excess air between the wall and liner, ensuring a snug fit. Finally, after assembling all the jet, skimmer and main drain face plates, your swimming pool begins to get filled with water for the first time.

Step 8:

Next, the patio surrounding your pool is poured. There are many options that we go over with you during step 1 for this process. And then you finally see your new pool completely! It’s beautiful and you’ll be looking at something that’s going to bring you and your family endless great moments for the rest of your lives.

Step 9:

Your pool is finally finished, and this means it’s time for all the yard’s landscaping to begin! The possibilities are endless for this step. Choose from elegant fencing, rock aesthetics, beautiful trees and shrubs, or something simple like a couple chaise lounges and a place to hold your cold drink. Let your imagination and relaxation begin!

Step 10:

Step 10 can be quite a confusing step for all new pool owners, but we don’t want it to be this way for you, and this is why we go above and beyond what is expected during this step. We don’t want you to feel like you’re a chemist or “the babysitter” of your pool. We know why you bought the pool and it wasn’t to feel like that. We teach you how simple the chemical process can be; we show you how to operate your pool’s filtration system and automatic vacuum cleaner; we give you easy-to-understand direction sheets; we answer your calls and emails; our installers stop by your house if you need them…we simply offer you as much of our time as you need to make you a pro at your pool, which will give you more time for that chaise lounge and that cold drink!

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